271 Kepa Rd, Mission Bay.

Individual, Couple, Family Counselling

Auckland Counselling can help you with:

·       Communicating effectively

·       Addressing hurt and resolving conflict

·       Dealing with insecurity, avoidance and anxiety

·       Managing broken promises and unmet expectations

·       Restoring integrity after a betrayal or injury

·       Dealing with separation issues

·       Learning communication strategies

·       Understanding dynamics of your relationship 

Interested in online counselling?

I have had considerable experience spanning 25 years providing support using phone and internet and believe it is a very efficient and effective means of achieving and maintaining therapeutic goals.

Confessions of a relationship counsellor

Going through my own relationship difficulties many years ago, lead my wife and I to explore relationship counselling.

At the time I was working as a general counsellor and didn’t understand the true complexities of couple’s counselling. If I did I may have recognised that the help we received in many ways was not great; in that it focused on what was not working, gave justifications for ending the relationship, didn’t manage the strong emotions present and even framed the raw emotions as a sign things were not working.

Some questions for you to consider:

Do you feel anxious and or insecure in your connection with your partner?
Do you think you or your partner are avoiding issues or are overly anxious?
Are you fighting and arguing over seamlessly little things?
Are you struggling to understand what is happening and why?
Do you feel silenced, trapped or powerless by the situation you are in?
Are you willing and ready for things to change?
Do you want to break old patterns and create new possibilities?

If you are feeling stuck and unable to create traction in moving forward contact Chris at Auckland Counselling to outline your situation or make an appointment.

Benefits you can expect from coming to visit me at Auckland Counselling:

To be able to address issues and concerns without blame and further conflict
Resolution of past issues that are impacting on you now
Ability to make agreements about the best way forward
An enhanced sense of personal entitlement to take action and initiate change

I am dedicated to achieving positive change in the most respectful, open and professional way possible.

Choosing to work with me means you are dealing with a highly qualified and experienced counselling professional who is committed towards achieving results for you.