NZ Herald: Kiwis flock to site with naughty name – have an affair

New Zealanders are rapidly joining but the new dating website’s owners deny members sign up to do as its name suggests.

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Relationship counsellor Chris Caruana, from website, criticised the site for encouraging infidelity.

“Affair isn’t a word used for single people. Single people hook up, single people get it together, single people have liaisons. But married people have affairs.

“It’s a soft inviting term to legitimise people who aren’t satisfied with the confines of their relationship, to legitimise having sex outside of that relationship.”

Mr Caruana said everyday he saw the hurt and damage affairs had caused to people, which violated what “was at the core of what is deemed to be sacred in a relationship”.

While people often justified their cheating, ultimately it was destructive and many relationships could not survive it, he said.